Ho Chi Minh City, May 10th 2016, the contest located at HCMC University of Architecture and HCMC University of Technology Education. The launching ceremony of “Fashion design and protective products for children” was presents with participation of representatives from:

  •  Ministry of Education and Training
  •  National Traffic Safety Commission
  •  The Vietnamese Children National Fund
  • And thousands of student from HCMC University of Architecture as well as HCMC University of Technology Education.

With the actual situation of the society, the information which shows that children often get the collisions and falls when being picked up on motorbikes, it gone viral on social networks. As a result, this issue has made parents feels insecure. And this situation has also been on high alert in the media like VTV, Tuoi tre, Thanh nien, VNExpress, VietnamNet, etc.

With the initiative from UGETHER, the first community-based fashion brand in Vietnam, UGETHER has coordinated with National Traffic Safety Commission, The Vietnamese Children National Fund, HCMC University of Architecture and HCMC University of Technology Education to carry out Contest “Fashion design and protective products for children”. This project is developed to raise child safety awareness when their parents picked them up by motorbike in Vietnam, to create a product of human values; together with families and communities to protect the safety of children; to solve the actual social situation as well as to create the peace of mind for parents when picking up children by motorbikes.

The subject of the Contest is the students of the HCMC University of Architecture as well as the HCMC University of Technology Education. The products which are designed highly practical for from 3 to 6 year-old children to address the issues of the child safety when being picked up by motorbikes in Vietnam, with the consideration as follows:

  • Children have the collisions or falls upon the vehicles’ sudden braking.
  • Children sit nodding on motorbikes on the road.
  • Children play on motorbikes on the road.
  • Children are thrown out when motorbikes hit the obstacles on the road.
  • Children go far beyond family’s control when their parents temporarily stop their motorbikes.

To evaluate the impact of this project, Mrs. Trinh Thu Ha - Deputy Chief of the National Traffic Safety Committee Office, said: “The National Traffic Safety Committee highly appreciates the initiative of UGETHER and the National Fund for Vietnamese Children, as well as the universities in Ho Chi Minh City on carrying on the Contest of “Fashion design and protective products for children, which is one of the most meaningful practical activities contributing to materialize the key tasks and solutions aimed at increasing children the safety when participating in traffic by means of motorbikes in our country, and thereby contributing actively to the prevention of injury to children, ensuring the protection and care right of children”.

Also at the launching ceremony, Ms. Nguyen Thi Dan - Chief Representative of the Ministry of Labor - Invalids and Social Affairs Office in Ho Chi Minh City also shared: “I hope that the participants in this contest will increase their creative capacity and community responsibility to create the products with high practicality for the purpose of minimizing injuries caused by accidents; contributing together with the family and community to support children to implement one of four basic rights groups: the right to be protected. As the role of the sole Fund of the State which is established under the Law on Child Protection, Care and Education with functions to mobilize domestic and international resources to contribute to achieve the objectives of child protection, care and education, on behalf of the National Fund for Vietnamese Children, I appreciate highly the community responsibility of UGETHER not only in this contest, but also the practical help at the Fund, giving thousands of warm clothes for children in special and difficult circumstances from 2014 to present. At the launching ceremony, the National Fund for Vietnamese Children also calls for enterprises to continue to fulfill their social responsibilities and go along with the State to take care of children’s life with special and difficult circumstances”.

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In the context that a series of difficulties are submerged in Vietnam, supported by over 1.5 million of children in special hardship and more than 2.5 million of children at the edge of special hardship, such community oriented activities are valuable. Pursuing the motto of “GREAT DEDICATION – TRANSPARENCY – TIME RESPONSE – CO-ENGAGEMENT”, the practical and valuable contribution of domestic and foreign individuals is highly appreciated to successfully offer an increasingly better development and study environment to such children by the National Fund for Vietnamese Children.

Supporting, helping activities focus on 4 categories of children under the Convention on the Rights of the Child, namely: Right to life, Right to development, Right to protection, and Right to participation.

1. Supporting to implement right to life: Includes nutrition, health care, necessities projects such as: Program“Eyes of children” (surgery on congenital eye defects in children), “Children's Heart” program (surgery of congenital heart defects in children), program on “children’s mobility) (operation on movement abnormalities in children) smile surgery, and sound training for children after surgery, community based center of rehabilitation for disabled children, supporting program in clean water and sanitation works.

2. Supporting to implement Right to development: Includes: Granting of scholarship to poor children having good study results, children of war invalids, martyrs, children of ethnic minorities, remote and mountainous areas; provision of bicycles for disadvantaged children; Building kindergartens and compassion classrooms and classrooms for children in remote, mountainous and special difficulty-stricken areas; Building boarding schools for children in remote, mountainous and special difficulty-stricken areas.

3. Supporting to implement Right to protection: Includes following programs: provision of life support for children in the river; provision of wheelchairs for children with disabilities; support hearing aids for children with hearing impairment; Long-term sponsorship for children in difficult circumstances.

4. Supporting to implement Right to participation: Includes programs: support to build playgrounds for children in remote areas, difficult areas; Organizing the events on Lunar New Year, International Children's Day on 1 June, Mid-Autumn, etc.


With the initiative consent from the National Fund for Vietnamese Children under the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, UGETHER, the first community based fashion brand in Vietnam established 2015, specializing in design, garment & fashion; supplied in domestic market with products for children from 1-14 years of age and adults aged 50 and above.

Human value is the goal and strategic direction of UGETHER, whereby, UGETHER directly deducts 10%  from the proceed of each product sold in the Gallery, website or on any order for  "SENDING WARMNESS AND LOVE" program, under the sponsorship of the National Fund for Vietnamese Children to invest in the production of warm clothes as well as items that can keep warm for children from 1-14 years and others in mountainous and remote areas of Vietnam in difficult situation in need help. In 2015, UGETHER in cooperation with the National Fund for Vietnamese Children, Tuoi Tre Newspaper and the People's Voice of Ho Chi Minh City donated nearly 5,000 warm products (including warmers, hats & woolen scarves) to children & the elderly in Ha Giang, Lao Cai, Bac Kan, Yen Bai, Bac Giang, Son La, Hanoi, Quang Tri, Dak Lak, Ho Chi Minh City.

For more information, please contact:

Huynh Huong Giang - National Traffic Safety Committee

Tel: 0904466687


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