Ho Chi Minh City on 09 September 2017, “Soul of Music” - a humanism project formed by the initiative of Ugether fashion brand, Nightingale and My Tam Foundation was officially announced.  Accordingly,  100% of the proceeds from the business activity of collection named “Soul of Music” will be used to fund musical scholarship for disadvantaged children.


In modern living environment and integration as present, Vietnamese children's generation has more opportunities to develop their talents in music, music appreciation and music performance.  They are recognized by family, school, discovered and fostered by society to shine through real-life TV programs or music playgrounds. However, not every child can afford a favorable living environment, material conditions of family, self-confidence to nurture and develop talent. There are still unfinished dreams, there are still uncherished aspirations.


And “Soul of Music” project was formed. 330,000 items were designed and produced for the Fashion Collection by the two fashion brands of Ugether and Nightingale in the Fashion Collection for children aged from 3 to 12 and youth, this Collection is distributed in Vietnam market. 100% proceeds from the products sold will all be used as scholarship for children musical talents who suffer from economic difficulties. Via My Tam Foundation fund, “Soul of Music” project will give an opportunity to children to attend music schools or music gifted schools in big cities.


Results of this project and this Collection:

  • For children with music passion suffering from hardship: an opportunity to study music, approaching to their dream.
  • For other children and youth: not only wearing a new, beautiful, colorful suit with a visual message of “Soul of Music” project; but also, being proud of helping another friend never met before with  a new opportunity - being trained in a real music environment.  Whereby, you contribute to creating a beautiful soul, a nice lifestyle - loving and sharing
  • For Parents: not only buying their child music vignettes and colorful but also educating them to share with peers facing hardships.
  • For community:  there is one more humanism project, humanity oriented lifestyle – loving and share.


After press conference for the project announcement, the products will be displayed and sold at:

  • Nightingale Showroom: 277 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street, Ward 7, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Ugether Showroom: 125/8 Nguyen Cuu Van Str., Ward 17, Binh Thanh District,  Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Online on website, fanpage of Nightingale, Ugether, E-commercial sales channels of Lazada, A Day roi, EShop of VNExpress, etc.


And in middle January 2018, Ugether and Nightingale are expected to declare budget and schedule of granting scholarship for children to learn music.


Being with “Soul of Music” project with whole heart, dedication, sentiment and anxiety for Nightingale Clothing brand and My Tam Foundation, main soul of the project, singer My Tam shared: “As a multi-year music performer, performing all over the country, My Tam was very anxious to meet many of bright eyes of children with many wishes, hear many voices. The bright of children just hope to get up high, seeing many small hands typing on keyboard and drum homemade from old stuff of the family but full of passion, etc. With this project, My Tam as being strengthened, more faith to come closer to their dreams. Every single shirt you buy in this collection of "Soul of Music" will help children to one step closer to their dreams. Do not let the difficult situation deter  musical talents. Let us help them pursue their dreams!”


“With its mission; By love, responsibility for children and the community, Ugether connects with human beings, fluttering hearts and souls with full of love; Together to contribute, join hands to create good things, create the power of consensus. Ugether believes that, with empathy, this project will come closer to the community”, said Mr. Tran Thao Nguyen – the Founder and Manager of Ugether fashion brand.

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