UGETHER is a humanity-imbued fashion designer and manufacturer with a great sense of community sharing. UGETHER’s product portfolio targets two main groups: kids from 01 to 14 and adults from 50 and older.


Our products are made from PE, TC 65-35, visco, 100% cotton, kate, khaki and denim. Our products are designed with care and style, with many patterns and colors which are assembled in the hands of talented designers and tailors. UGETHER offers convenient and trendy fashion in both local and international markets.


UGETHER products are not only high quality, and manufactured in Vietnam but also greatly imbued with a passion for humanity and social responsibility. This lies at the heart of our business and sets the strategy for UGETHER. 10% of the price tag value of each item purchased at our showroom, on our website or on wholesale bills shall be accumulated in the “SHARING WARMTH, SHARING LOVE” Fund under the National Fund for Vietnamese Children, Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs. The fund value is updated in real-time upon any sales or transactions, and will be spent on making warm clothing for children from 01 to 14 years of age, and adults aged 50 and older, who are in need in remote areas of Viet Nam.


Businesses and individual customers are welcome to contact our showroom by telephone or through our website for details of UGETHER’s sales policies. If you wish to visit our factory for a large-scale order, please register via our website or contact us.


VISION: To become a trusted community enterprise in Vietnam, doing business for community benefits - building priority benefits for children, middle aged and old people. 


MISSION: With love and responsibility, UGETHER commits not only to provide consumers with quality products, together with consumers, UGETHER also brings warm clothing to children and old people who are in need in remote areas of Viet Nam through the “ Sharing warmth, sharing love” campaign.



  • CONSISTENCE: With UGETHER's mission
  • RESPECT & JUSTICE: To anyone, any partners who are in collaboration with UGETHER. 
  • TRANSPARENCY: In business management as well as in financial announcement to related parties. 
  • COMPLIANCE: To comply with the procedures, policies and regulations of UGETHER, partners and Vietnam Law.


Office: 9th Floor, Le Bao Minh Building, 184 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street, Ward 6, District 3, HCMC.

Tel: (+84) 028 3526 5098

Hotline: (+84) 93 865 3079

Email: info@ugetherclothes.com

Website:  www.ugetherclothes.com